Pivoting and the book of positive aspects

“Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to attract wealth, health, and happiness” 


< No matter how good life is now, it can always get better.  

<The power to improve your life experience is within your personal control.  

< You can’t have the same limiting beliefs, continue with the same habits, and expect new unlimited results. 

Part 1: Pivoting and the Book of Positive Aspects 

< “When you give the credit or the blame to another for your success or lack of it –you are powerful to make any change “ 

< “What is wrong is not something that is outside of you over which you have no control. And taking control is not difficult to do once you understand the basis of who you are and the basics of the law of attraction and the value of your emotional guidance system that you were born with, which is always active, ever present, and easy to understand.” 

< Be a student of deliberate creation 

< Remember that the feedback of life will help you to remember and gain your footing 

< Everything is based upon vibrations. If for example you feel overwhelmed you will not be able to get away from that feeling or find others that will help. The people who do come will only add to the feeling. 

< You get the essence of what you think about- notice what you are getting- you have the key for deliberate creation. 

< Find the correlation between what you have been feeling and what is actualizing in your life experience, now you are empowered to make changes. 

< When you allow the negative emotion to continue over a long period of time, you often experience deterioration of your physical body.  

< Separation occurs when your chronic attention is on what you don’t want while your inner being is focused on what you do want.  

<You do not have to wait for a good thing to happen in order to feel good, for you have the ability to direct your thoughts toward improved things no matter what is currently present in your experiences.  

< Expecting others to provide the perfect environment is not a good idea, for many reasons: 1.) it’s not their responsibility to feather your nest;2.)it is not possible for them to control conditions you have created around you; 3.) you would be giving up your power to create your own experience 

<Whether you are remembering something from the past, imagining something about the future, or observing something from the now, you are offering thought-vibrations that the law of attraction is responding to.  

< the more you struggle against something that you do not want, the more engulfed in it you become. 

< You must not rely on conditions changing in order to control the way you feel.  

<You never help anyone by being their sounding board for problems or complaints. By holding an image of improvement in your son’s life, you help him move toward that. Be there for him. And call him there to a better-feeling place. “  

< In simple terms: You are never of value to another (and you never offer a solution) when you are feeling negative emotion, because the presence of negative emotion within you means you are focused upon the lack of what is wanted, rather than what is wanted.  

<that what you feel is what you radiate.  

< The only way unhappy people can stay in your experience is by your continuing attention to them.  

< When you attempt to guide your own behavior by paying attention to how someone else feels about your behavior, you are powerless because you cannot control his or her perspective. 

< It is so much better to find your vibrational balance before you take the action of separation, or you may experience a rather long time of discomfort.  

< There is no greater entrapment in relationships or in life than to attempt to keep others happy by observing their emotions and then trying to compensate with your actions.  

< What trips most of you up so often in your wanting to help others is that you believe, they need my help because they cannot help themselves, but that belief is detrimental to them because deep down inside, they know that they can do it, and that they are wanting to do it.

Note: This is not my writing. Some contain direct quotes while other parts are summarized!  


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