My biggest pet peeve

If there is one thing that really irritates me, it's when people complain about helping others like it's some chore. We are supposed to help people because it's our character and moral code for living with humanity. I am not superior to you and you are not superior to me, we walk side by side … Continue reading My biggest pet peeve

House question

If you had a small little house and a relative decided to build a bigger house right next to yours as a gift to you ...would you be thankful for that gift or would you be a bit annoyed by their assumption that you needed a bigger house in the first place ? I'd be … Continue reading House question

Part 2: Attracting money and manifesting Abundance

Part 2: Attracting money and Manifesting Abundance  <Become aware of how you are really thinking and more important what you are feeling about money  <If you are experiencing the shortage of money and are aware of it while speaking of it often, then you will hold yourself in that chronic position.  <The things that you … Continue reading Part 2: Attracting money and manifesting Abundance