Part 2: Attracting money and manifesting Abundance

Part 2: Attracting money and Manifesting Abundance 

<Become aware of how you are really thinking and more important what you are feeling about money 

<If you are experiencing the shortage of money and are aware of it while speaking of it often, then you will hold yourself in that chronic position. 

<The things that you have and the things that you do are all meant to enhance your state of being.  

<find your vibrational alignment- if you cannot find your balance all that you have and all that you do will never be or feel like it is enough. 

<How do you want to feel? 

<how do you want to be? 

< most people give the majority of their attention to whatever it is they experiencing right now- if the results please them, they feel good, but if the results don’t feel good then they feel bad.  

<When you constantly take score, noticing the distance that still needs to be traveled, you amplify the distance. the task, and the effort 

< You are here not as accumulators or regurgitators. You are here as creators. 

<continual, joyful becoming 

<you have to begin to feel more prosperous before more prosperity can come 

<feel abundant  

< put 100 dollars in your pocket and notice all the things you can exchange for that amount 

<Any action that is offered from a place of lack is counterproductive  

< It is not another’s achievement of success that is responsible for your lack of achievement, but rather it is your negative comparison and your attention to the lack of your own desire. 

< There will always be others who disagree with you, and your attention to them will always cause you to vibrationally disagree with your own desires. ‘ 

<Money is being artificially devalued 

<Many believe that they must work hard, struggle, pay a price, and feel pain, and that they will be rewarded for their struggle- but that is not consistent with the law of the universe: you cannot find a happy ending to an unhappy journey. That defies law.  

<all of the magnificent things of a physical nature that are surrounding you are spiritual in nature 


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