Crazy dream

10/20/2020 Last night I dreamt that I met the devil in disguise. He introduced himself as the business owner next door. Instantly, I noticed something was not right in this "mans" intentions. How did I know? His eyes, the doors to his soul seemed mischievous. His store was dark and I can't exactly remember what … Continue reading Crazy dream


Greeting everyone! Oh how I miss you all dearly! I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these extremely awkward times. I have been doing well and in a very philosophic frame of mind lately. Here are some of the philosophers I have been reading: 1.) Francis Bacon 2.) Rene Descartes 3.) Alan watts … Continue reading Reflections


She came out of the womb being reckless. Intense. Passionate. Clumsy. Whimsical. She is a leo. Fierce and fiery. Thinker. Overthinker. Attracted to creative spirits yet settles for less when it comes to self expression. Reckless because she doesn't know what she doesn't know. She wants what she cant be for herself. There is a … Continue reading Reckless