Liebster Award

General Rules for the Liebster Award Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blogAnswer the questions given to youNominate other bloggersAsk nominees questionsNotify nominees once you have uploaded your post    I am so honored that Joyful Stephanie nominated me for the Liebster Award as being an inspiration to others! … Continue reading Liebster Award

I get it now!

I don't believe I will ever truly understand the pain of black lives around the world. Here in America especially, violence has been the backbone of this country! It's hard to be proud when you dive deep into so much of our history. Because I can't go to sleep I read an article that truly … Continue reading I get it now!

Goals Galore

Personal Development Goals Gain more clarity in my thoughts. Be financially independent. The ability to stand up for myself. The ability to make friends that want the best for me and want to hang out, talk, and enjoy life with. Be a wife that is loyal, compassionate, and understanding. Pay off my debt, credit cards, … Continue reading Goals Galore