New beginnings 2022

Hello everyone! Long time no write! Writers block is such a real thing, but that is not why I have been MIA! In one of my past posts I wrote that I really wanted to become a mother! Well 2021 brought me some of the best news that I could ever hope for ! I am currently 37 weeks pregnant expecting a little girl! I cannot even begin to express the mixture of emotions that I am having! Excited, nervous, intrigued, and thrilled are just some of the many feelings I have!

Prior to finding out that I was to be expecting, me and my boyfriend rescued a dog from the shelter! Her name is Tanana! She has been the beginning of so much happiness and joy in our little home! Currently, she is still learning how to not chew on walls and furniture, but for the most part her energy and playful spirit really brings nothing but smiles and warmth into our hearts!

May be an image of animal
Meet Tanana and our baby girl who is due February 24, 2022!
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I am happily engaged to be married to the love of my life and the man that inspires me to become a better woman!

So far 2022 has brought up a lot of really endearing things for me to recognize and acknowledge. For most of my life growing up I had such a hard time finding friends and people that cultivated good feelings in my heart . Meeting my boyfriend was the best thing that has ever happened to me because he has unlocked so many beautiful pathways for me to enjoy and one of them is the discovery of friendship. He has introduced me to the wonderful sport of disc golf where I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the sweetest and kindest people! Many of them will literally put down what they are doing just to love on and support your through tough times! There have been fundraisers held in honor of individuals who need and extra dose of blessings and encouragement. There are leagues held by women and for women to grow the sport!! Each and every individual has an expertise and we all connect and help each other when and where we can! How the disc golf community operates in Tucson, I wish could be translated into the larger scale of the world !

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Balls and chains league! This is an amazing opportunity for couples to get to know other couples!

In addition to the amazing friendships that have developed, I realize the beauty of letting go of trying to control everything! I have had two major breakdowns one this year and another in the beginning of last year. Both break downs consisted of me trying way too hard to control others reactions or behaviors towards me. This way of being is fruitless and will only distance yourself further from any sort of happiness or ability to finding a solution.

That brings me to the new book that I am reading this week called ” Money and the Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks! I have avoided this book for quite sometime just because money is an overused word that just triggers me. I dislike how everything is curated around it and depended upon it. However, this book is so much deeper than just the dollar bill. It is about deep prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life. It is about healing certain parts of ourselves so that we can become better magnets for the things that we want to see in our lives. My next post is going to include some of the notes I have gathered from the first part of the book! I invite you to read through them and find any nuggets of wisdom that might resonate with you!

Until next time friends! Stay safe and healthy,

Briana Gonzales


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