Success filing


The first success skill- Success Filing

Many people who do become successful never take the time to actually enjoy it. We work and work to put in the long and exhausting hours and by the time we get to free time we have no idea what to do, but maybe sleep.

people rarely can acknowledge when they are successful unless they go against all odds and achieve the ultimate miraculous feats.

most people chase success like something is being dangled in front, but never being able to get it. It’s a game of I will be successful when …

How do you define success? Do you feel success only when others acknowledge you? Do you feel it when there are incentives involved like bonuses, awards, or raises?

success doesn’t feel attractive to some because of what needs to get done to arrive there. This is especially a feeling you can get when it seems that you are working your ass off and coming up empty handed every time.

the earth is a correctional institution. It’s a fact that we are all imperfect manifestations and designed to grow as trees do. Like a seed that has the potential to develop into something that can transform into something big and benevolent so can we. It always amazes me how the universe is built to transform seemingly small things into big powerful forces! Everything appears so minute and innocent in its beginnings but given the right circumstances and nurturing, the growth is inevitable. Whether it is for better or for worse.  Sometimes plants can have roots that suffocate other plants and sometimes when it comes to human beings’ others can become very suffocating to society. It takes a village to raise a child and I believe that we cultivate each other, we build each other. We are individuals, yes, but we are interconnected. Therefore, I believe to some degree how we interact with each other is a very important responsibility we have to the collective human race.

success is completion. It is finishing what we start and not turning our backs on progress and dedication we make to accomplish things even when the process becomes tough.

satisfaction doesn’t always come when we finish things. Satisfaction can only come when we complete things.

Satis-FAC-  tion: Finishing+Acknowledgeing = Completion

– success means different things to different people

– what keeps us going in the realm of successful living is when we commit to doing the things, we say we are going to do. We enforce our values and beliefs.

– the feeling of failure stems from leaving things incomplete.

– failure is not a good enough reason to give up on a dream unless it is something that you no longer want.

– when we stop planning, we stop doing. Not doing something means we are staying stagnant and not completing anything. We no longer will feel the satisfaction we get when do the things we say we will do.


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