creativity/ leadership

overwiew our kids are watching

Overview: We are entering the age of creativity and leadership

-the mantra of our time is do better faster

-people are running low on energy trying to play catch up with this fast-paced informational technological time we live in.

– many people are feeling alienated and separated not knowing what is to be considered safe and secure.

-success has three phases:

Phase 1- following a leader

Phase 2- Produce results; trying doesn’t count

Phase 3- discovering our power to create

  • The first phase is about learning to preform new skills safely and correctly.
  • The second phase requires that we push ourselves beyond expectations until we feel we are experienced and true competitors.

Phase 3 is all about taking what we know to create new ways of doing things

– New information is being discovered each and everyday making things that our children learn outdated. They don’t need to know it all, but they will be in charge of dreaming it all.

– kids don’t always get to be as creative as they need to be and as a result, they will not develop those skills that are crucial to our future.


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