shifting gears

The second success skill: Shifting gears

< First-phase success: Succeeding at following

< Second-phase success: succeeding at competing

<Third-phase success: Succeeding at creating and leading

-our ideas of success will continue to change

– we are dependent upon others. During the first phase it can be very scary because we are aware of our lack of knowledge

– Building confidence is essential to the first phase.

– perseverance, despite the fear that may surface is necessary in order to be successful in the first phase.

– habitually dependent people are always scared and nervous

-motivative learners: will move on and create as soon as they feel like they have all the need to learn.

– Shifting into phase 2 is about creating decision making strategies

– in phase 2 we use the measurement of leaders to acknowledge ourselves.

– when looking to make decisions use your past and what you want for the future to help.

– we stunt our own growth when we give up just because things get too hard or we don’t succeed right away.

– in the beginning everything we learn is from our parents. When we become masters, we learn from everyone we meet and everything we do.



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