Message to adult children

Possibly the only man in this universe who sees me through my good and my bad! He knows my heart ! He constantly says the only people he wanted to impress was his kids! He impresses me everyday! He’s not a rich man but he has truly the richest heart! My dad sets the bar high for all men in my opinion! I’m not sure anyone could ever compare! Selfless, humble, generous, good sense of humor, loyal, dedicated, poetic….I cannot fathom life without him ! Time is ticking….I hope I make every second count! I hope I succeed in making him feel like he’s been a good man and father! I choose to cherish my parents everyday and to honor them! They can annoy me sometimes but only because I hate to see them struggle ! They deserve happiness! They have taught me so much about life and I fumble a lit but they always offer a warm embrace and thought provoking wisdom! They respect me as an adult and I know they hurt when I hurt with some of the choices I’ve made but they never make me feel less of a person! They forgive me lovingly! I just share these sentiments with the hope that every adult child can make the effort to reach out to your parents even if it just a text message ! In the end it can only do good rather than harm!You don’t have to visit your parents everyday to love them just one simple message saying I hope you have a good day and I love you will suffice!


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