Family love


the place to come to for comfort

the place we come, to unload our deepest and darkest feelings

a place enraptured with warmth

it’s imperfect but it’s home.

it doesn’t harbor resentment, contempt or take offense

it allows for conflict

conflict gives rise to growth, stability, and strength.

birth and decay, renewal and rejuvenation can be found.

attitude is everything

it’s cozy comfort; a warm blanket.

it’s holds two people who coexist because they have roots no matter how many storms it’s endured.

they hold on to each other because of experiences and memories made.

unconditional love reveals itself in the name of truth and undeniable forgiveness.

when it appears broken or fragile there is always one who believes in its unending possibilities to be mended and reconstructed.

family is always there

through the floodgates of momentary hell on earth

or through the prosperous and joyous moments of bliss.

it survives everything

even if your family consists of just one .

remember that your capcity to endure the hardships of life depends entirely on your outlook and attitude. It’s not about being positive all the time or expecting others to see the good in you all the time. It’s about dignity, integrity, good moral standards to help set you up for success. It’s about knowing what you believe in so that others won’t try and spoon feed you what you should believe.

Family is like baby lead weaning for these sorts of tools.

Family is where my roots begin.

Family is where I learn

Family is my compass in everything that I do .

Even when it seems that I don’t care….I always do because though I may not see certain family members all the time you are always in my thoughts and more importantly in my heart.

Love is way mightier than any other element known to mankind . It starts with a family and has the potential to have ripple effects far beyond one’s imagination!! So love no matter if you agree with someone or not. Love even when it hurts. Love when you feel betrayed. Love when you feel hurt. Love when you feel offended. Love because it’s better than the alternative always. Stop worrying about being right or making the most sense, it is a futile and endless battle that depletes rather than enriches.

Love ,

Briana Gonzales

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