Good morning!

Rise and shine beautiful people!! I am so glad that I deciding to write outside because there air smells sweet of moisture in the air. the birds are singing and making their nests. The wind is blowing and caressing my skin. I am in love with this morning! I am so blessed and happy to be able to wake up to such delight for my human senses to experience. It’s very rare for me to just sit and enjoy life without constantly overthinking all the things that need to get done or could possibly go wrong if I don’t do those things.

When I get to experience mornings like this, it makes me crave distance from everything material, fast paced, and soul crushing. Don’t you ever just get tired of always having something to do? Don’t you just want to enjoy a beautiful day outside without NEEDING to do ANYTHING!? I hear so many people talk about presence and the power of now, but I wonder can we be those things while multi tasking on keeping up with the hustle and grind that is demanding of us. Sometimes I wonder if we have been artificially contaminated from the outside in. Most people are addicted to things that ENTERTAIN. They want to do anything at all that would cause them to be alone. HEy, I am guilty!! I hate being alone, but when I sit alone out here and hear the birds, the wind blowing through the freshly rained on desert, there is no reason to feel alone because there is growth and decay, beauty and life bestowed in every vessel and crevice of this expansive Arizonan desert.

I just wanted to remind myself and you all today, to slow down and enjoy what is so intimate and divine!! The reason why you aren’t feel connected is because your not. As Teal swan says many of us are fragmented and we try and avoid the parts of ourselves that we don’t like instead of accepting and working with those dislikes. Everything you ever need is in you not outside of you. The way you treat things outside of you is rooted from how you express yourself internally! Be kind to yourself and most importantly breathe in the darkness in the world and breathe out the light that is within you. You are love and love is light!


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