A revelation towards clarity!!

Greetings everyone! I realize that I have not written in quite a while. When it comes to my writing nothing irritates me more when I try to write without having anything to share. I know some writers force themselves to write everyday, but for me, it’s just too annoying for my brain for some reason lol. Maybe it goes along with the revelation I had while I was at work the other day. I legitimately had like a full blown conversation in my own head the other day, it’s literally like I am becoming my own best friend! It is such an amazing and liberating feeling from the constant self hate that was happening.

It hit me that I am what I called “a lazy perfectionist”. A lazy perfectionist is someone who expects the results they desire without putting forth the effort that is necessary to achieve it. I have heard many times when people say if you want something and you are not getting it, it’s because you don’t want it enough. For example, people who say they want to loose weight and constantly look down on themselves for how they feel, but then keep stuffing their face with unhealthy choices.

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Mind over matter means that you need to clarify your mind so that things can become more clear on what you are willing to be inconvenienced by in order that you have a more fruitful and bountiful life. If you want to learn how to do this I suggest you watch David Goggins.

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As far as my relationships go. whenever I feel like I have disappointed someone or my shadow is projecting its insecurities I rage out with tears or what I have officially deemed cry baby syndrome. Earlier today I read someone say that reading and watching youtube videos should not be the way you get to enlightenment. True enlightenment comes from sitting with yourself and being able to forgive yourself with love and compassion. If you knew better you would have done better. Things can be very obvious or because we have too much cloudiness can become extremely muddy.

The main thing I want to share is that nobody says you have to be perfect, in fact you are already perfect in the light of love! Love is so much more powerful than hate, but you are the one that either shuns it or utilizes it and radiates it back out to the universe! I love you all so very much and wish you nothing but happiness, health, love, and prosperity.


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