The Infusion of Love

infusion of love picture

Infusion of love

The path to love is not an easy endeavor to stay on in a world that is constantly distracted by the superficial. Our purpose in being on the path should be to overcome this intense separation we have created and bring us closer to unity; naturally, that’s where we belong. In order to achieve this, we must know ourselves deeply. I believe that one of the essentials to thriving in life is an ability to observe and analyze it in not only an intellectual way, but an integrated spiritual one.

The first step is to realize that the outside stimulus that brings us short term happiness is what creates this absence of love that we tend to feel. Deepak Chopra has a list of characteristics that sustains these feelings. People that can’t feel love are numb and suffer from trauma. Their value normally stems from what they do, rather than who they are. Distortions of perception and thus belief are a direct attack on their ability to value themselves. When faced with failure trying again goes on the back burner and fear takes the front and center of everything.

Knowing the alternative of what people who have succeeded in their journey of building a true love story is crucial. For starters, these individuals do not base their ability to feel loved on their actions. In other words, they are not nice just so they can get rewarded with the same kindness. In Fact, these are the type of people who give on all levels without expecting anything in return. We all live in fear of judgement at some point in our lives, but these people who have mastered their love stories do not allow their heart to get shadowed by this. Most importantly, they avoid judging others. Love is good enough to give without the need for it to be reciprocated. With this mindset love becomes endearing and genuine; simple and sweet, yet so hard to achieve in world that constantly blinds with things pretending to be love.

The infusion of love is the ability to take observations, knowledge, and your intuition about love to set you free. Whether its deep down or already at the surface you know the key to your happiness and tranquility. Depending on others to do the deep and sometimes difficult work is not going to provide you with any answers. In fact, it only will inhibit the steps forward that are necessary for your greatness. God created human beings that have a will to be artists in their own right. What kind of art do you want to emulate? Hate or love? The choice will always be in your hands.


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