Love is the reason


Love is the reason

On a day to day basis I either have relatively empowering thoughts or negative combustion’s of pouting, whining, and complaining. The constant chatter that is being played out in my head without permission is literally keeping me from having a love story that we all have the power to live out with great intensity. Like in the Lion King, “remember who you are”. Remember that at your core you are spirit. Remember that you will always be loved and lovable. You are living the life of the ego, where illusion takes place. You think and expect that love is something from a romance movie or book, you forget the true essence of love. The fact that love has no language. Love is not possessive. Love is uncontrollable. Love is meant to be set free. Love is cosmic. Love is universal.

“There is no power in words to evoke passionate romantic love, just as the fragrance of a rose is meaningless however beautifully you describe it.” Many of the things we experience with our senses cannot be summed up with words. A tree stands with roots buried deep, being connected to so many things at once. Just like us human beings who have within our own little microcosmic universe that has within a plethora of microorganisms. Nothing stands alone. We are all connected in deep ways, if only we stopped our busy lives and took the time to take notice. Think about the bees and how they pollinate our flowers to help provide for all living beings on the planet. The size, complexity, and so forth is irrelevant when it comes to the love that unites us rather than separates. We all are experiencing life as we know it in a way that allows us to be further beacons of light for others that may follow us. My intentions, as well as yours, should find some way to let your greatest self-shine through. There is nothing noble or honorable about dimming your own light as Marianne Williamson says.

Whenever you are struggling within your relationships remember that you are struggling with yourself. My boyfriend told me that I tend to put my mom down every chance I get. I wanted to fight back with defensive words and declare that I have my reasons. However, the truth is me and my mom are similar in so many ways that I cannot deny and obviously others can’t help but notice. It’s the way in which we go about stress that we run into issues over. We are harsh with ourselves. We have neglected to love ourselves.  I need to face my own issues instead of constantly putting blame on her for why I am the way I am. My mom is someone who needs a lot of love and emotional support. If I could give anything to my mom, I hope that some day I could learn how to be that for her. There are days when I look at her and feel the pain because we are so much alike. I don’t tell my mom enough how much I cherish her, instead I say everything that I think she messed up on. This is not only unfair, but it is also not love.

In order to overcome this struggle in our relationships we must surrender. We need to allow ourselves to grow and give ourselves permission to let our spirits shine through. In other words, we need to get out of our own way. When we begin to surrender growth indirection of compassion, wisdom, and understanding will take place of the negative behaviors of the past. Relationships should never be for selfish reasons; it shouldn’t be about what you can expect to get back in return for what you have given. Love is the reason.


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