Commit to Enhancing Life

Managing life is equal to being 100% present. Having the right skill set to take on the things you desire requires the decision to dedicate your life to constantly striving to do whatever is takes to reach your highest potential. The undeniable truth I have come to realize is that freedom does not come without … Continue reading Commit to Enhancing Life

Transitioning relationships

“The wonderful thing about relationships is that with proper maintenance, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s part.”  This is a statement that is true of not only intimate relationships, but also the bonds that we form in families and other friendships. My dad always tells me that when all is said and … Continue reading Transitioning relationships

Time to live

I am looking for a place to call home Not in the normal sense of the word But within myself. I feel like I am visiting the dwellings of others Taking and visualizing my own resting place. Time to build Time to give time where time will be rewarded.