Action Signals Part 1

Tony Robbins Action Signals     Greetings fellow writers I hope all is well! I have enjoyed reading many of your blog posts, they each offer so much hope and assurance that I am on the right path being in this space! It is truly amazing how many of us want to bring out the best … Continue reading Action Signals Part 1

Be Prosperous

Do I feel tired!? Heck yes!! But do you want to know what is most satisfying!? Doing what I NEED to do anyways! Tony Robbins and many other successful thought leaders like him encourage us to ask ourselves “what are you willing to do now to get to where you want to be in the … Continue reading Be Prosperous

Goals Galore

Personal Development Goals Gain more clarity in my thoughts. Be financially independent. The ability to stand up for myself. The ability to make friends that want the best for me and want to hang out, talk, and enjoy life with. Be a wife that is loyal, compassionate, and understanding. Pay off my debt, credit cards, … Continue reading Goals Galore