Trigger warning

So many Christians state how much love and admiration they have for Jesus, but I think very few can clearly say they have even scratched the surface of molding themselves into anything like Him. The way I see it, Jesus stood as an example of what a human being can truly be like. So many of us are always concerned about being right when really none of us are identical in experience. I am a dark skinned woman who is obviously not white but I have a white daughter because I was with a white man. Does that information matter ?! Heck no, but I get asked who my daughters father is on a daily basis. My point is, we are all different yet all made from the same cloth of being fellow human beings. When the settlers came to America they deemed the Native Americans barbaric because they had different ways of living and looked different than anything they had ever seen before so they believed they needed to get “civilized” and “educated”. This is the problem that we are facing with all of these various identities. We are doing more harm than good with the ways in which we talk about identities. I am not saying people need to conform to everyone”s beliefs, but having an America that stands on it’s pride of being free and diversified that comes with consequences, for better or for worse, that not everyone is going to be happy with. In other words, someone is always going to find fault in things . There is a reason why they say that words cut deeper than knives. Our society needs a lot of learning and unlearning! Murder is wrong no matter how frustrated we are but lets not let someones skin color or gender identity be the reason why violent acts are done. Mental health is not a joke. Too many people formulate their own conclusions based upon what we are being told and that is so incredibly dangerous. There is so much drama in America currently that I feel is becoming an addiction to people…it’s what keeps these news media outlets in business and they know it. This reactivity to school shootings and other violent acts is actually doing more harm than good in my opinion. They are creating drama and thereby they are creating imitators and hate comments that can then cause suicide in individuals that need real help. We forget that we are a democracy and that the people create America, we are the fuel. Hateful people are just hateful people. People that say “Get a grip” ” I’m glad shes dead and put out of her pathetic misery” are not nice people. They have a mental illness too…HATE the very same thing they condemn.


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