Delicious Egg muffins

These are a must try if you love the flavor of green corn tamales!! They have that same wonderful and homely sort of flavor !!! Not to mention this little recipe whips up so fast!!

Preheat over to 375 f

1 cup of vegetables ( use whatever you might have on hand) I just had bell peppers

Saute these bell peppers in some butter

add 1/2 a can of rosarita beans (green chili and lime flavor)

saute until your bell peppers soften and the beans connect with the butter

Next, in a large bowl crack 3 eggs

add 2/4 of cottage cheese

add your choice of cheese ( i used chedder)

add you bean and bell pepper mixture

add a dash of paprika and salt

whisk until everything is well combined

prepare muffin tins by using cooking spray or a little olive oil

spoon egg mixture into each muffin compartment

add a little cilantro on top

cook for 30 minutes!

please let cool before eating if you want your muffins to look like muffins !!


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