random thoughts

Why is it that rich people are unhappy! Why are these people who have become wealthy offering so much advice to people? What is in it for them? Part of the reason why I have become irritated with youtube videos and even books is because it is becoming incredibly hard to decipher the intent and genuine authenticity behind an edited piece of communication. I don’t want to hear about all that you have achieved or all that you have acquired, that is so meaningless to me. I don’t want to hear about your show boating how many charities you have donated to or how many charities you have started because that still has no value as to who you truly are when no one is watching or no incentive is being given (tax right offs). What I want to know is why you choose to live in excess in the first place? The love of money is the root of all evil and people are currently doing whatever they can to protect their money and their beloved “assets”. The language in and of itself is highly manipulative, but if you wanna hunger games your way in this world be my guest. Some would view my outlook as passive and they might even say things like that is a poor mindset. Who are they really to lecture me on my mindset? No one has all the answers and maybe the rich people got it right but my soul wants nothing to do with that always hungry mentality. God split the last piece of bread with his apostles, will individuals do the same for someone else when there is barely enough for themselves?


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