Life Is An Unfoldment

We cannot predict what comes our way. We can work tirelessly to get what we want , but nothing is ever truly guaranteed. To state that life is an unfoldment is absolutely true. In order to obtain better outcomes it is necessary to take the best steps even if the desired results are not achieved. There is a poem by Mother Teresa titled ” Do it anyways” where she highlights the corruption inherent in human beings, but then gives the righteous alternative. ” People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self centered, forgive them anyway.” Life is very difficult at times, live ANYWAYS! The more we can pick ourselves up from hardships and uplift ourselves when life gets challenging the more strength we gain in order to continue onto the possibility of fruitful endeavors. When we can understand our habits and impulses, we can then develop self-control in ways that aid in our growth. Beyond the knowledge of our habits and impulses lies the courage and strength to live a virtuous and abundant life. Getting to that stage is a process and thus is in fact an unfoldment of many doors and lessons to engage with.

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