Reflections On Rene Descartes quotes

I have always believed that we live in a world full of symbolisms. In other words, we can only conceptualize our understanding of the world around us through the lens of our allotted senses. Think of all the things we are not and all the things that we can’t do. However, also remember all the things we can do without consciously being aware of it. Just because we can do something does that give us permission to dominate and manipulate it? It didn’t take the human being very long to shapeshift the world to fit their needs. Ask yourself, how have I contributed to the world I see and do I really have a right to complain about it? Generation after generation we have excelled at making more complex issues, we haven’t really progressed, we only make more sophisticated ways to forget who we really are.

Buddha said it and Jesus said it. We can’t go through life walking the path of others or believing everything we hear. “Don’t believe everything you hear. Test and study the bible for yourself.” (thessalonians 5:51) “No one can save us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. WE must walk our own path.” (Buddah) In other words, we cannot expect the people we place in authority to be THE answer to all of our problems. It’s true that we live in a world whereby everything is interconnected, but we still remain individuals and have a responsibility of autonomy. 

Growing up I can honestly say I didn’t feel hate in my heart. It wasn’t until my early teens when I started to feel like I had to work for love and affection from people. In addition, family love no longer was enough because everyone was finding their own tribes. My dad was busy tending to the land, my mom was busy helping him or cleaning the house. Each of my brothers were busy making friends and playing sports. I was busy trying to match my brothers, but I felt so uncomfortable doing it so I isolated myself a lot. It wasn’t till high school when I really began to seek out love from other people. As a result, I started to do things for attention and acceptance. There was a whole lot of masking and pretending which then led to me completely unknown to myself. We have to remain true to who we are even if it results in others disapproval. If there is one thing, I have learnt its that detachment from our essence and our Truth can really impact the way we interact with the world around us and the choices that we make. 


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