bliss imbedded in destruction

“The snowdrop is a snowdrop because it is the outcome of the Karma of an endless series of past experiences.”

” In the theory of evolution the tendency of a germ to develop according to a certain specified type is it’s “Karma” ”

What is the Karma of the human race at large?

What is the Karma of the animals that live amongst us?

History repeats itself; we renter the womb only to learn once more what must be understood.

What is the cause and effect of all that we make and all that we consume?

None of this is meant to be religious , but it is to underline the blind impulses and yearnings that are continuously taunting the human being to perpetuate existence upon earth so far as it is able. ” The spirit in man strives against the material envelop and its desires with groanings that cannot be uttered.”

” From thought forms and illusions we create and mistake for reality, good lord deliver us!”

This explains why we are so blinded and thus so protective of the material world. It’s ego! It’s a lack of trust in the natural ways of this world. It is greed and mistaken passions. History shows our character, and it is protected in the bible stating that we are sinners. We must wash them away through prayer and confession. What good is it to admit to being wrong, if you are just going to let yourself off the hook by stating ” I am human after all”. It is clear that shaking off mistakes can be very difficult, but it isn’t impossible if we promise ourselves to be slightly better than the moment before and the moment before that. It is a constant process that you cannot leave unattended. Being a better human being in this physical reality is a promise to all sentient beings that you will leave this world a better place than you found it. Topics of what needs fixing is always going to be a controversial topic, that is why it is important to follow your own truth and use your intuition as your compass. Honor your presence by paying attention to everything, for the answers are right in front of you. There is overthinking and then there is deep contemplation. There is risk and then there is calculated risk. There is doing a fast job and then there is accuracy and efficiency. There is always better ways, better habits, better templates for how something should be constructed. With the life that you and I have been blessed with we can make things happen because the power of one is astronomically filled with an extravagant amount of energy and gusto that only you have the access to unlock and unleash for the benefit of all.

WE GOT THIS !!! Nothingness is the purpose of it all!! It is where our souls long to be! Free of attachment. Free of fear and anger. It just is !!


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