1.) I am ready to be a mother; my motherly love is expansive and is ready to embrace the spirit of my child.

2.) I am growing everyday into the being that actualizes all wisdom obtained through observation and analysis.

3.) I take responsibility for my actions to ensure the best possible lessons learnt. Failing to take responsibility is refusing the possibility to acknowledge the existence of a profound transformation.

4.)I am an unusual kind of individual; but I love me in the ways that enhance all my special effects. From reading philosophic thought to writing a blog- I am precisely just the right amount of me!

5.)My source of vitalization and rejuvenation is fueled by quality foods and beverages paired with just the right amount of exercise.

6.)Having a clean environment inspires me to live in clarity rather than clutter.

7.) I embrace change.

I embrace challenge.

I am committed to excellence.

I live for love.

I live for family.

I am constantly inspired by creativity.

Fellow readers,

These are only a few of my life affirmations. Writing affirming words has always been an ideal goal, but I never made it concrete and part of my daily routine. When we are unclear about what ambitions and values we have have in life it becomes impossible to live a fulfilled existence. Stop waiting for the rest of the world to realize their best life!! Go get your prana baby!!! (Also known as, get your best breath in this life!)


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