Meditations on quotes

Simple Luxuries- to live in a world where commercial competition is nonexistent. To be present in an environment where nature provides all the nurturing that was ever desired in a soul.

“Philosophy is the lamp of all the sciences, the means of performing all works, the support of duties”.

Philosophy should be a daily experience that goes beyond the confines of a so-called state of the art university. It is meant to be integrated into the dance with life that we partake in with every waking moment. We are guaranteed nothing except the ability to expand our consciousness.

“The soul must seek the bread for her own nourishing and that what will nourish one will not nourish another who is on a different spiritual plane.” We cannot be so ignorant of the journeys of others in this world. Who are we to think that the “I” has all the answers? It is impossible and improbable that a single light can transform a darkened arena into seeing. Although, that is not to say that the power of one does not have significant potential to enlighten many.

Character building should be at the forefront of education. It is a mistake to shovel loads of intellectual knowledge into children when their worlds of self-expression and creativity have yet to be explored or made manifest. There is nothing illuminating about forcing anybody to do something when they are not yet ready to receive; it is quite literally like intellectual rape.

“Tell the truth, but pleasantly and gently. Do not tell it rudely, for truth telling that hurts and repels does not carry conviction, but is only a display of aggressive egotism. Yet never tell a pleasing falsehood. Such is the ancient law.” This is extremely relevant to the ways of society and the realm of social media. With not having to confront people face to face we are fearless about what we have to say and we have no thought into the ways in which we might affect people on the other side of the screen. Social media does translate into our daily habits in the ways we carry ourselves in person. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people do things because they are trending on Instagram or tik tok. Recently, I watched an episode of “On purpose”, featuring Willow Smith(the daughter of Will Smith). She talked about not wanting to fit the mold into a caricature of what the world wanted from her…she wanted to represent someone who could be of service and to reveal her own essence in all of its authentic glory. When we fail to mean what we say and say what we mean we are becoming a waste of space.  It sounds harsh and painful to hear for some, but it is the raw truth. To wallow in self-pity and victimization is something we should only entertain for a fraction of second. It is important to accept all of the feelings and emotions we have towards our experience, but not to the point where it debilitates you from living an enriched existence. People are cruel sometimes, but we all must understand that we can represent something totally different rather than allowing their life to interfere with yours. It is true, that we are all interconnected, but that does not mean that cancer cells should be allowed to take over your body without giving an honest effort to preserve. In other words, cancerous people can and will blockade you from feeling worthy but know that they cannot and should not have control over the abundance this world has to offer you! In summation of what this quote meant to me, live in authenticity and truth and go beyond the lies and arrogance that is out of your control. When you live in all of your glory, you inevitably give other people permission to do the same.


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