What the bleep do I write about?

Hello fellow writers! It has been way too long since I have written anything. Sadly, my mind has been in a bit of a funk about work and life fulfillment. There is apart of me that is grateful for being employed, but the whole of me feels exhausted. I work from 6:30 pm to 7:00 am Thursday through Saturday. For some, this is the perfect set up and for others they would rather work at McDonalds than work 12 hour night shifts. As a little disclaimer there is nothing wrong with working at McDonalds, in fact those people deal with rude people on My the daily! They don’t get paid enough! My complaint isn’t about the title, it is more about extending myself out to stuff that can bring a challenge and continuous motivation to achieve and learn new things.

Teal Swan is an amazing individual and is so underrated for all the content she puts online. This morning I was listening to her speak about self discipline. She got me wondering weather or not I am doing what is necessary to achieve all the things I want in life. Many times, when things get extremely hard I cop out and resist the pain at all cost. I hate feeling uncomfortable. The bottom line is I do have a job where the people are really nice, the pay is decent, and it is helping me to finish off school. When I say finish, I mean continue because I still have a ways to go before I can officially say I am done with school. In all actuality I am tired of the contradictions and hypocrisies that characterize me. I am ready for a commitment to self actualization in the direction of prosperity in all aspects of my life!

last night while at work I realized that attitude is everything. When I go into work with a sour expression on my face and resentment in my soul for being here the day drags on. My focus was to make the best out of the night by challenging myself to work HARD! In the moments when I feel tired I pushed myself harder. Working hard is something that my dad raised me to be like, but the moment I let that slip it became easier to just not do those last few math problems. Then that turned into not finishing the assignment at all. As a result my grades started to slip and then months later I no longer wanted to go to school. To be a person of integrity and exquisite character we cannot allow ourselves to slack on our values and beliefs. After all, it only takes one sip of alcohol to escalate into a night you cannot undo. It only takes one word to ruin a relationship.

This is a message to myself and to all of you to persevere especially when things feel the most difficult. For whatever reason those moments are the most crucial in determining the success you will have in life. I am not perfect and I will probably contradict myself one too many times, but overall I am so proud of the woman I am becoming. Things are not always in the light of clarity, but when I think things through great things happen!

Peace and love to all,

Briana Gonzales


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