Greeting everyone! Oh how I miss you all dearly! I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these extremely awkward times. I have been doing well and in a very philosophic frame of mind lately. Here are some of the philosophers I have been reading:

1.) Francis Bacon

2.) Rene Descartes

3.) Alan watts

4.) Aldous Huxley

5.) Barach Spinoza

I notice that I am drawn to a specific type of thinker and I don’t do it by choice, it’s literally the ones that have come to me through the process of my own unfoldment of thoughts. All of these people have tried religiously to spread the knowledge that great wisdom can be obtained through the rigorous ability to let go of attachment to certainty and materialism. Aldous Huxley particularly stuck out to me because he believe that technology was going to be a huge destructive path for human beings and forgive me for saying this, but is he not right? Francis Bacon believed that people wanted too much to be right in there ignorance, they wanted to only look at thing on the surface level rather than at the macro level of the universe. He mentioned something to the like of confirmation bias, where people would only relate to the things that confirmed their beliefs. How can one not see the stupidity in this. I can’t remember who said it, but I had a similar thought the other day and it is that I speak so that I may understand. Rene Descartes seemed to be quite the expert at doing this. His meditations is literally like the way I write in my journals. It’s like he is having a dialogue with his higher Self.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how happy it makes me feel to read the thoughts of people from the past who come from minimalistic beginnings, but who back then sensed things way ahead of their time. When I say minimalistic I am comparing that to the over stimulated world that we live in today. I have decided that self help as it stands today is very much stuck in a paradigm of normalized dysfunction in a society created for the possession of THINGS. It does not succeed at all in freeing people from the corruption of over indulgence in the short term satisfactions of life. How can we continue in surface level living. Our roots sink so much deeper. Unfortunately, we are malnourished in the Soul and if you look around and truly see the fruits of this, you cannot help but shed a tear of sorrow. Of course, I do not mean to come off as negative or as a pessimist, only that we have work to do and to think other wise is turning a blind eye to the necessary healing and atonement we must undertake if we are to continue as beings of this planet.


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