Mindset management

Self Management – RAMH

Today started off so wonky. My boyfriend’s alarm is not going off on time so I didn’t get up until 6:55 and rushed to get our morning smoothie made, along with lunch. While I still sometimes rush to get things done even with waking up an hour early, I feel like I can contribute to a day packed with quality. Yes, it’s amazing that I was still able to make it to work on time, but it was very rushed and that feeling lingers for quite some time. As of writing this I am barely starting to perk up into a more positive frame of mind. I told myself ” Briana, change your attitude right now!” It actually worked wonderfully lol. I try and have humor with everything and I have been trying this thing where I physically laugh myself if I make a mistake. For example, the other day I was cleaning the kitchen and I was trying to take the trash out. While I was pulling it out the bag kept tearing and things were falling out. Finally, I was able to get it out and I set it on the floor so I can go get the broom and pick up all the stuff that fell and then I come back and the trash bag fell over. MY response was just laughing! I felt much better then if I was to curse and act frustrated! If you have ever tried something similar please leave a comment down below.

Even when things seem to not be working out, still make the effort to somehow redirect yourself! You don’t want you whole day to be based off of one event that happened through out the day, there is more to live for and look forward to. That is why the concept of the power of now is so incredibly important. Have a plan in action for if things don’t go your way and figure out how you will handle those situations with grace and maturity. The goal of doing it is to create those life habits or life hacks that are going to help create the best version of yourself! When we do this we will inevitable have better relationships, have better self esteem, generate better situations, and have more perseverance! We are human and resilient! Life is expansive and insanely flexible, the ebbs and flows will challenge us, but its goal is not to defeat us, but to make us stronger and more empowered to ignite the fire in our souls; to awaken the giant within!!


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