Oh the places you can go

As of the month of July I have felt very inspired to get my life sorted out and figure out certain things I can implement so that I have the life that I can truly feel one with. So much of who I have been is fragmented and resistant. My fragmentation stemmed from an apprehension to try new things and meet new challenges with an I can attitude. As of recently, when I have decided to meet things with a more positive attitude I get better results. However, it’s also accepting the fact that my hard work will not always produce the results that I want. That is life. I do give myself better odds in my favor when I continuously work on myself and that is more than enough for me.

You may or may not be wondering what I have been working on. I have been working on life style changes, things that are micro, but will give me macro wins! Due to the fact that I am working two jobs and making more money I have decided to invest in my health. I spent almost $300.00 to buy nutritious foods and powders. Maca powder, caco powder, organic all purpose flower, organic maple syrup, and much more. I know that to many, $300.00 is a fortune, but I consider it my starter pack because most of this stuff I will only buy once a month if not once every two months. Me and my boyfriend were spending close to 30.00 a day between eating out and buying coffee. I started re framing what we were doing as a wasted opportunity for better health. If I was willing to spend 30 plus dollars a day buying junk food why couldn’t I spend that 30 dollars towards better eating and drinking habits? The answer was literal crickets because I had no excuse.

My new outlook on life is fresh, clean, and exactly the type of game changing mindset that I needed. I am not saying that instantaneous change has occurred, but my mind feels so much more relaxed and committed to a better lifestyle.

Temph tikka masala
vegan tortilla soup
non peanut west African stew

This week I started working at the school again and I will be doing amazon. This will help me towards my goal of becoming financially independent and have access to more spontaneous adventure. I am a bit worried on how I will function, but I believe that I will find a way to make it all work! I am willing to accept the challenges and short term sacrifices I need to make. I feel like a responsible adult, like I am making good decisions and taking the steps necessary to have prosperity! Before, I was feeling like I was spending money on energy drinks, junk food, court fees, credit cards.

Analyse your life and figure out what you can do differently. Stop allowing things and people to be the reason for why you are not succeeding! The problem is you need to get out of your own way and own the day! Mold it and create it into how you want! Truly it is beautiful the places we can go. Dr. Seuss was right!

Dr. Seuss Quote - Poster for Classroom Wall from "Oh, the Places You'll Go"


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