I get it now!

I don’t believe I will ever truly understand the pain of black lives around the world. Here in America especially, violence has been the backbone of this country! It’s hard to be proud when you dive deep into so much of our history. Because I can’t go to sleep I read an article that truly helped me in clarifying the Black Lives Matter movement. I think it’s so important to not just speak out from opinion, but to become aware to the facts. I posted something earlier that I kind of regret posting after reading this journal article. I want to come from a space of compassion and kindness for all, but I realize that when your are silenced for well over 325 years and treated like an animal with no rights, it truly is hard to feel empowered. I got to be honest, I am a firm believer in humanity and no matter the color of your skin I value YOU! I am sorry that things are so chaotic, I may not be out protesting, but believe me I walk the path of love as best as I can. I am not always the best at being 100% loving, but its always my intention. Please be a beacon of light in these times, show up in ways that are constructive for a better way of living harmoniously! We are all worthy !! Remember in the power of forgiveness and most importantly the power of the individual!

I urge you all to read an article by Anthony E. O. King, it is called “Understanding Violence among young African American males: an Afrocentric perspective”

Anthony E. O. King. “Understanding Violence Among Young African American Males: An Afrocentric Perspective.” Journal of Black Studies, vol. 28, no. 1, 1997, pp. 79–96. JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/stable/2784895. Accessed 2 June 2020.


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