Action Signals Part 1

Tony Robbins Action Signals

    Greetings fellow writers I hope all is well! I have enjoyed reading many of your blog posts, they each offer so much hope and assurance that I am on the right path being in this space! It is truly amazing how many of us want to bring out the best in others. Today’s blog post is about Tony Robbins ten action signals. I am nearing the end of his book “Awaken the Giant Within”. I encourage you all to read this book if you have not already! I admit that it took me a while to get into this book and actually utilize the information, but I am so glad this time it is clicking. If you have read this book I would love to hear about your take -a ways and how it impacted you down in the comments below.

    To summarize action signals, they are emotions that we feel on a day to day basis and if viewed with the right attitude they can have positive messages. Our emotions that we sometimes feel so intensely can either cause us to avoid them or we can learn to take action. It will not always feel good at first to begin the journey to mastering your emotions, it is something that you must be dedicated and committed towards achieving. Just think how much more enjoyable life could be if you knew how to better perceive the things that trigger you.

    Disclaimer: I will be doing 2 at a time! I try and go in depth with how I view these emotions in my own life in the hopes that they will be relatable!

                                                   Action Signals

  1. DISCOMFORT:  This occurs when things just do not feel right. We feel out of place or maybe even a little intimidated if your trying something for the first time. When I first started amazon, I instantly started to question myself: “what if I suck?” “What if I am too slow?”  Discomfort can come in the form of boredom, impatience, unease, distress, or mild embarrassment. In my case, I definitely felt like I was creating possible scenarios in my head where I would be subjected to possible feelings of embarrassment. We always create worst case scenarios in our head and we sabotage ourselves before we even take the leap. Have you ever felt that maybe you were not getting the results you desired? This also falls under the category of discomfort.

The solution:

Get clear about what you do want. I want to be successful in all that I do. I want to be perceived as a woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. I refuse to settle for less at this point in my life. I want to take leaps instead of steps to a prosperous life. I am ready! I am committed! I feel more focused then ever! I have all that I need! Now I am ready to go after what I want!

If you find that certain things are not working you need to figure out how to refine your actions. When you can get clear about what it is you think needs some tweaking things can get a lot better before they get worse. What has worked for me is thinking that everything I do is an experiment; things can be changed whenever I need them to change. Nothing is ever set in stone! You gotta allow yourself to have fun with the process and stop whining and complaining about how no matter how hard you try things never seem to work out!! You have to get brutally honest with yourself to fix that statement because that will not ever work for you! Trust me, been there done that!

 If you allow too much discomfort to go unchecked it will intensify. Our imagination is sometimes our arch nemesis because of how vivid the stories we create in our head become. This causes:

  • FEAR: “This includes everything from low levels of concern and apprehension to intense worry, anxiety, fright, and even terror.” I have an intense fear that one day I am going to have to face the fact that my father is not going to be in this physical reality. It’s painful to even think about that day. Sometimes, I like to view everything I have been through as preparation for the day when that inevitability does occur. I have tried to view all the pain I go through as a built on layer of protection from the heartbreak and intensity of sadness I will feel.

“The message of fear is an anticipation to something that is going to happen soon and needs preparation for.” Have there been times when you have tried to deny your fear? I think of a bully in this case. I think bullies have a lot of fear and are the ones that need to be loved the most! It has been my observation that many people labeled as bullies have gone through a lot of pain that they deny fear by finding ways of getting in trouble or treating others in abusive ways. Your heart can be worn on your sleeves, but that includes both the good and the perceived bad. For the longest time I feared being alone and so I kept trying to deny it as fear by continuing to be with guy after guy. The truth is, until I learned how to be with myself, I would keep receiving the same results until I got the message. I was thinking that I was unlovable, that was my worst-case scenario and other times I felt invincible, thinking that my actions to resolve the fear of loneliness wasn’t going to hurt me. Boy was I wrong!

The solution: “Define your fears and evaluate how to prepare yourself mentally. What actions could you take to deal with the situation in the possible ways.” Loneliness. Ironically, loosing my dad would also fall under this fear. I am very dependent on my dad for deep intellectual conversations. I need to believe that each moment I do get here and now with my father is valuable to me, I cannot take it for granted because these moments are fleeting! I also need to feel immense gratitude that I even have the great gift of one of the best father figures God could create!! I have been focusing so much on my personal growth these past couple of years and changing my focus to that has resulted in better relationships, a better sense of self-worth, getting outside of my comfort zone, doing more of the things that I have wanted to do!! In other words, I am attracting so much more positivity to my life!!


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