To new beginnings

To new beginnings and a brighter, more enriched future!! Getting a house with my boyfriend is one of the best steppingstones I will ever take in my life! It is an access gate to so many more opportunities to come! I am making this little house into our perfect nesting place! I will not let this happiness be just some sort of honeymoon phase, this is going to be THE ULTIMATE HAPPY PLACE! Home I believe is where you come to for serenity, peace, love, and laughter. Anger or yelling is not welcome here! It might happen sometimes, but I refuse to allow it to dominate the atmosphere! I am in love with this place and the environment around!!

Getting the job at Amazon is going to add a lot on my plate, but I know that I need to get some sort of extra cash flow in order to make some of my other dreams come true! Maintaining a house is no easy process and neither is getting married and having kids. Better do what I can now to prepare for the future. Everyone tends to think that living for today means not giving the time of day to thoughts for the future. You gotta live today like crazy so that tomorrow (which is in the future) can turn out to have better odds of being a success story in the making. I believe in my capabilities now more than ever! I might suck at learning things quickly, but I have a determination to succeed at the things I set out to do.

The point of me writing this to you guys, my fellow writers, is to always go beyond your horizon. Just when you think you have reached your peak moments in life, when you think things can’t get any better, you would be amazed at what is out there for you if only you gave yourself permission. The bad shit only happens because we either sabotage the shit out of ourselves or we are in a weak mindset that is not congruent with the ambitions we have in mind. You can’t expect to succeed in achieving greatness if you’re not willing to put forth some great ass efforts!! You can do it!! I believe in you!!


9 thoughts on “To new beginnings

  1. “You can’t expect to succeed in achieving greatness if you’re not willing to put forth some great ass efforts!!”
    SO TRUE!
    Congratulations with all the GOOD coming from your life! How wonderful! xo

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