Perfect mother for me

mother and daughter

What makes a perfect mother? Is it because she cooks the best food? Does she always bring you the best hugs and kisses? Will she go out of her way for you no matter what was on her agenda? I believe that all those things are icing on the cake. “There is no perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each Mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children… What matters is that a Mother loves her children deeply.”

My mother exudes a kind of comfort that I will never get from any other woman in my lifetime. We are so much alike and yet so very different, but I could be my goofy self with her, and she would instantly laugh. She is adorable in the moments where she does take a chill pill and is a joyous person. In fact, I wish I could give her more of that spirit. This woman wants so badly to be everything for everyone except for herself. In that way, she is kind of like a mini mother Teresa.

For whatever reason, my mom suffers a lot from insecurities, and she has a belief system that isn’t really one at all. Of course, she believes in God, but one day I asked her what her dreams were, and she said for my kids and husband to be happy. I wanted her to be specific about a dream for herself. She deserves to feel beautiful inside and out and yet I don’t know how to give that to her if she doesn’t believe it herself. In fact, if you have read some of my earlier blog posts, I can sometimes clash with my mom a lot and come from a sort of resentful place. However, because I have so many people who love me, they have shown me a different perspective. One that I knew but didn’t want to latch onto because I just didn’t want to.

There is an Instagram page by Dr. Nicole LePera called the Holistic psychologist that I absolutely love. In it, she mentioned a quote about mothers and daughters, “The greatest gift a daughter can give to her mother is to alchemize your inherited pain.” This quote was kind of the tipping point into how I see my mother. It made me realize that she is doing the best she can. The reality is my mother is a warrior and a worrier (Lol). My mom has endured a lot of painful events in her life, but I think she worries sometimes a bit too much about pleasing everybody else around her. That is a lot of pressure for anyone. I definitely inherited that trait from my mother, we both have a terrible time saying no to people.

My mom is perfect for me because there is never a moment where she would not share something of hers with me. There will never be a moment when my mom isn’t my greatest cheerleader. She is always committed to keeping nature alive outside in our yard. In fact, these days, she is the first one to get up in the morning, best alarm clock ever! Her dream says it all, she is incredibly sweet and only wants success for those she loves. She has a sparkle in her eye when she does in fact seem happy. We can go in a groceries store just laughing at her slowness at self-checkout. I love how she gets a kick out of the small things! We go to a movie theater and we would be laughing at her crunching popcorn during silent parts. My mom is irreplaceable, end of story!!

While my mom does a wonderful job of cooking, cleaning, and gives the best hugs and kisses. What makes my mom so special is her perseverance in things even when she does not want to. It is her dedication to being a listening ear to her kids’ lives and dreams. Is she perfect? No, but she is perfect for me! Te amo mi Madre Mundo ( I love you my Mother Earth)!


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