Don’t miss out


How many miracles have you missed because your too busy trying to get somewhere else? Why haven’t you stopped to smell the roses? We think that we are missing out on something or that somehow, we are behind in life. When these thoughts are constantly casting a shadow on our present living, how can we enjoy anything? You want to move on, you want to be prosperous and successful. There are days where golden nuggets of light and wisdom shine through those dark clouds allowing for space for you to finally breathe, but it is not enough. The best solution is sometimes the easiest yet the most intricate because it involves surrendering; letting go. I do not know about you, but I have worn my self-inflicted pains like a badge of honor. I have felt that people should be nicer to me because of everything I have been through. The opposite is true though, I needed people to be stern with me, I needed to be steered in a different path than where I was headed. You cannot let your pains and circumstances identify and trap you in a box, God made you to be so much more than that; he made you in mind, body, spirit. The balance in life lies within those very 3 things. When you find it, things will start making more sense, decisions will be made in congruence with your growth in awareness and in expansion.

Covid-19 has thrown everybody into utter shock, but we can still take from these unprecedented times an opportunity to pause, to breath, and to finally have the time take inventory on things that need to change. People are doing that both in introspective ways as well as examining the bigger things like health care, government, and so forth. My condolences go out to the people who have been directly affected by this whether you lost a loved one or lost your job that was necessary to pay the bills. Tony Robbins in his book “Awaken the Giant within” talks about the importance of the metaphors for life. “If we want to expand our lives, we should expand the metaphors we use to describe what our life is or what our relationships are as human beings.” Life is a miracle. The more I watch life, the more impressed I get. It is when I focus on the bigger picture and not just the microcosm of human beings that intrigues me most. I love humanity, but we are growing too. Growth is not always a pretty process and can look quite messy. The integration and interconnectedness of everything simply brings joy to my life because I feel as though it is the greatest confirmation, I have about anything. When you stop existing, the world keeps going. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Death looks and feels painful to others from the outside looking in, but what if it is one of the greatest and most beautiful experiences? Don’t limit your metaphors; expand on them!


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