Commit to Enhancing Life

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Managing life is equal to being 100% present. Having the right skill set to take on the things you desire requires the decision to dedicate your life to constantly striving to do whatever is takes to reach your highest potential. The undeniable truth I have come to realize is that freedom does not come without a price tag. What are you willing to do? How does one plan for prosperity? What is going to make someone prosperous? I equate freedom with prosperity in case your getting confused about how I jumped from inquiring about freedom to prosperity.

Can I be prosperous right now? Things are not quite aligned yet, too much indecisiveness. There are some days where I feel extremely confident in the things I am passionate about and other days where I feel weak; no desires. What is going to bring me to the next level is clarity and consistency. Tom Bileyu said that his mom made him go to college. When he finally went and returned, he said that his mom told him she always quietly assumed that he would fail. I share this same sentiment. At the end of the day it’s not about proving myself to anyone, it’s that I know I have an obligation to the higher power within me to actualize my human greatness. It’s one thing to have complete strangers assume you are going to fail, but your own mom? That is a hard pill to swallow, but you also must get real with yourself and ask questions. Have I been showing up in the ways that I need to? Have I displayed my full potential? The only things that I have shown people is a vulnerable and yet unstable human being. Vulnerability is encouraged a lot in our world today, but I think it’s pretty important not to overdo it to the point of exhaustion for yourself and for the others listening. In other words, you gotta find the silver lining in things.

I want to develop character traits that will help me to live the good life. I want to live a life that is not just for me, but the world at large. “Trying to clean up something dirty while staying clean yourself is never easy to do.” At what point do we get a new fan when shit hits it? Shit is hitting the fan in America…when will we construct a new America? We just continue using the same fan, wondering when it will bust. Even when it comes to our own lives we wait for our breaking point. We ask ourselves, how much more can I endure? How much more will I have to endure? Obviously, these questions are not very proactive. It is concerning that we think we need to keep taking shit. Pain can be super useful if wisely structured in constructive ways. Otherwise, it can become destructive and make us embittered with depression. It will push us into complete conformity rather than utter transformation. We have got to give ourselves permission to knock the shit out of shit! For me, what makes this a possibility is the content that I ingest everyday as proof that this transformation is there for me when I decide to commit to that growth. It is  a beautiful thing to watch others on their quest, but how long will we continue to just sit on the sidelines? There is no alternative way, you MUST decide because it is completely critical in the vision of success you desire.

Stop pretending that you are happy. Stop pretending that you are doomed. Stop pretending that your body and brain are exhausted. Stop pretending that your hands are tied. These are just stories that you are making up in your head. Too many times we wear our shit likes its some kind of badge of honor. It only becomes honorable when we do something with it. We need to evolve instead of revolve. Commit yourself to being  a man or woman of steel. Become your own hero and rescue your highest self. Enhance yourself!


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