The human advantage

“The more the dysfunction of the human mind plays itself out on the world stage, clearly visible to everyone in the daily television news reports, the greater the number of people who realize the urgent need for radical change in human consciousness if humanity is not to destroy both itself and the planet”. The power of now was published in 1997 and has had a profound impact on many of the millions of people who have read the book internationally. The reason why so many seem to gravitate towards this beautifully written book is because it resonates with many. Like the stated quote above if humans do not work on their higher level of consciousness then we will all inevitably destroy what makes us so exceptionally beautiful as living beings. Unfortunately, I feel the more technology invades the physical realm the more we want to use the egoic parts of our minds and forget all about the power of consciousness that is all around us. Soon, if we are not careful, we might become slaves to technology. In fact, this might already be occurring. Many people fear that if they don’t keep up with the times that they will be behind in comparison to other nations around the world. The story that comes to mind is David and Goliath. Let Goliath stand as the technology of the world and let David be the individual man or woman. Technology is a mighty beast that is of great value because of the magnitude of responsibility that we give it. It is used as a filing cabinet, for banking, for communication, for information, for science, for exploration, engineering, entertainment, and the list goes on. “Instead of killing ten or twenty people with a wooden club, one person can now kill a million just by pushing a button. Is that real change”?  The average human being offers true excitement of life, we are the housekeepers and peacekeepers of life. Technology is advantageous but being human is the greatest gift of the Great ever-expanding consciousness. Even if we tried, I really don’t believe the human spirit will let ourselves become obsolete we have just been in a deep sleep for quite some time. In fact, I believe at our core we have values that nourish this planet continuously, but right now with the lack of prioritization we can sometimes act like poison. Our priority should be figuring out how to heal our collective consciousness and really seek to vitalize our root system with the upmost love and respect possible.

  bullets for the soul


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