feeling fresh

Today is a great day! I have a positive attitude, my boyfriend stopped at quick trip without me having to remind him! He kissed me extra long today! He picked me up yesterday without hesitation. He texts me whenever he gets to work and says he loves me with exclamation points. For the first time yesterday, he looked at me as if I was really the woman he loves and I actually felt it. Our relationship isn’t perfect ya know, but that’s life and I am just blessed to be able to share myself with him.

I don’t know if any of you have heard of the you tube channel inspire nation, but a big WAHOO every morning is so refreshing and a great approach to starting your day off with certainty. The other day I was at work and I just started singing to myself:

Ohh it’s a beautiful morning

I got to wake up to my baby

Mmm I got to drink some hazel nut coffee

OOOOOO its gonna be a beautiful day!!!


Then there was a slight breeze and I came up with this:

The wind blows upon my bare skin

To remind me that the air is not so empty

After all


Now, these aren’t legit songs by any means but it feels so good that positive words are echoing from inside me. I am so used to negativity, self-victimization and waking up too tired to face the day because I think man today is just gonna hand me a bunch more garbage. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to effortlessly feel at peace even when your mom stomps around in a frenzy because she is running late. The awesome thing that me and all of you wonderful people need to remember is the the only person who you have control over is yourself. With regards to your reactions, the events that occur in your lives all of those sorts of things are your responsibility. Everything in life is constructed with care and admiration for our truth of who we are. Love yourself and the rest of the world will join in if you let it!


With all my love,

Briana Gonzales



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