DUI education class

The truth is I am incredibly lucky I am here today and that I am not seriously hurt first off. In addition, I am so thankful that my negligence and selfishness didn’t wind up hurting someone else. The short story is that I was drunk driving . Now, I have to go to a DUI education class that is for a whole 8 hours tomorrow, but considering my stupidity, I am thankful that I have an opportunity to correct my wrongdoings.

Talk about a major wake up call! My goal, with this whole situation is to turn this humiliating and very expensive mistake into something that can actually fuel me for self improvement. Part of the reason why I started this blog was that I can commit to writing positive things and a reminder to stay sober and mindful. I am tired of my victim role that I play. I need to grow up and own my mistakes and make better ones that don’t have such terrible consequences. Self loathing and being all woe is me, is not going to solve anything.

I hope that anyone who might be going through some challenging things will reflect on their life in a constructive way and not a detrimental one. We all have stories and we all have things that we really wish we would have done differently, but I believe how we react to those challenges says a lot about who we are as individuals.

With all my love,

Briana Gonzales

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