You are a Bad Ass

I started this book last night and literally completed it like an hour ago! I was hooked,not because what she had to say was so enlightening, but because the way in which she tells the message is hilarious! Lets face it, most self help books all have the same message these days and the only thing that makes it so much more satisfying is based on whether or not the reader (me) resonates with the tone of the writer.

My favorite chapter was ” Loincloth man”, specifically because she talks about how insanely handsome he was. She was like, why did he have to be so cliche, like why couldn’t he just wear shorts and not eat a squirrel he had just killed. For me the moral I got out of the chapter is that we don’t all have to be a one size fits all type person and actually, I tend to think that’s impossible. We all have dreams, desires, hopes and visions for a prosperous and authentic life. The thing is sometimes people and I am guilty too, are stuck in such superficial and materialistic qualities of living.

I have heard some people complain, where are all the Einsteins at today? The sad part is I think their are a plethora of well educated and extremely creative people in the world today. The biggest thing that stops people is fear of the unknown, FEAR this FEAR that type mentality. The moment we make the move, or we make a terrible mistake we don’t know how to not take it so personal and continue to beat ourselves up over it. WE punish ourselves for necessary self exploration! It’s okay to have curiosity at infancy to about age 1 because its seen as cute, but after that it just becomes something that needs to be dealt with because God forbid, too much curiosity can be detrimental.

My point is like Jen Sincero says , You are A  F U C K I N G BAD ASS!! Stop apologizing for being you and stop hiding for crying out loud! Live with color, earth is like your giant canvas, live your beauty marks wherever you go and be unapologetic for being your awesome, incredible self!

With all my love,

Briana Gonzales



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